The farm: a family


The cattle farm

Abbatucci family

Located on the seaside in the Taravo valley in Serra-Di-Ferro, South Corsica, in the Abbatucci's family farm we raise our animals with traditional organic methods from the 19th century while using the modern technologies from the 21th.

An extensive farming

Raised in the open air all year long in over 600 hectares, our 300 cows dispose of various wide spaces, from plains to hills of the famous Corsican "Maquis".


Food self-suficiency

To complement the grass and and the natural plants present on the farm, we grow organically our crops which are solely used to feed our animals on the dry season.


Natural fertilizers

In order to nourish our soil, we use natural intrants such as horse and chicken manure which we we transform on the farm.