The Tiger Cow:

Corsican meat at its best


The breed

Brought back to life with the registration of the brand "Vache Tigre" in 2006 by Jacques Abbatucci, our cows come from the ancient corsican breed "Saïnata", of which origins would come from the Brown of the Atlas in North Africa. She was brought on the island through history and its succesive invasions. Rustic, our cows are recognizable by its unique stripes, but also by its smaller size, giving them the required agility to move within the land of the corsican "Maquis". Raised for centuries in Corsica, the "Island of Beauty", she is the best adapted to the climatic conditions and natural resources present in Corsica.

A unique

Corsican meat

At the Tiger Cow farm, we produce exclusively Organic Tiger Veal from a pure meat breed. Its quality and originality appears through various aspects

A veal meat "rosé"

Our veals start to naturally and slowly eat grass and plants from the "Maquis" from 3 months of age, coloring its flesh and provinding a more pronouced taste than usual white veal.


Seasonality of flavours

Our animals live outside all year long, between plains and hills of the "Maquis", and so their food partially varies from the plants available on each season, providing a slight difference of flavors depending of the time they are slaughtered.



The life without stress of our veal, combined with a minimum of 10 days maturation at our facilities provide an exceptional tenderness to our meat.


An organic meat

Certified organic since 2000, we guarantee an healthy meat, without antibiotics, industrial food or artificial fertilizers, with animals who lived free of stress, even at their last moments with a private world class slaughterhouse which minimise any possible stress.

Integral management

From crop to plates

The final moments of our cattle ad the preparation of of the meat is a key step to provide a meat of the highest quality.
This is why we started the construction of the first complete private transformation unit on our farm which combine the slaughter, cut, maturing, conditioning and direct sale of our products. It will have all the last technologies available to limit the environmental impact such as animal wastes and chemicals, and to provide the highest standards of animal wellfare. This unit will be opeartional in February 2021.
Animal welfare and

environmental impact

Farming is first of all a passion born from the love of the natural world.

At the Tiger Cow farm, we let our animals live like they naturally would, in order to eliminate any stress:


A favorable environment

Outside all year long, between plains and hills of the corsican "Maquis".


Natural and varied food

Our Tiger Veals are never pushed to drink their mothers milk, nor stoped from doing so, as they instinctively switch to eating grass and plants as they grow.


Respect of the animals

- No artificial insemination.

- No milking thanks to tradional farming methods.

- No transport over long distances to limit stress.

- Non-industrial slaughtering conditions and without any rituals, performed ourselves on our modern installations in order to ensure the best practices in respect of our animals.

Our engagements to protect the environment:

- Realistation of an LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) from a specialised audit company to study and reduce the impact of our farm on the environment.

- No pesticides nor chemical used on the farm since 2000.

- Valorization of all the parts of the animal, from the skins to produce leather, to the bones to be used as natural fertilizers.

- Development of the agroforestry which preserves the ecosystems present on our farm.

- Energetic self-suficiency planned in 2025 with the use of recycled biofuel, and the installation of hydro and solar units for our electricity.